is a tested and proven solar grill design
that you can build for less than $50. If you
want to own an inexpensive yet powerful
solar grill that can reach temperatures of
over 500 degrees F (260 C) yet can
gently fry an egg or boil drinking water,
this is an easy project that you can do in
less than one day. Whether you're
camping, or cooking in your own yard
you'll be amazed with the performance of
the High Quality Solar Grill.

ONLY $9.99!
Check Out These

Stout tripod design for
stable operation.

Adjustable cooking height
for variable cooking

Highly efficient reflector for
performance and value.

Folds up for easy portability
and storage.

Use as a grill, an oven, or
as a stove top cooker.

Made for beginners, photo
illustrated plans and easy to
understand instructions
make building a snap with a
few common household
tools. No fancy cutting or
difficult measuring required.

Whether you want to boil
some tea or coffee, sizzle
up a juicy steak, or tenderly
broil a delicate fish fillet, the
High Quality Solar Grill can
do it.

Works at night with
conventional fuels such as
wood or charcoal so you
can use it any time.

The High Quality Solar Grill
is simply the most versatile
and functional solar grill you
can own at a very
affordable price.

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